Shibarium Sneak Peak revealed that Shiba Layer-2 TestNet is approaching

The SHIB titles have given them a first look at the Shibarium user interface as development continues in Shiba Layer-2.

In a blog post, developer xFund / Unification confirmed its previous Shibarium update, indicating that TestNet should be available very soon.

Here’s the latest on the development of the Shiba L2.

The preview of Shibarium as Shiba TestNet will be launched soon

According to Unification, Shibarium TestNet is “scheduled to launch in the coming months”, followed by the public beta version for the Shiba community.

The phrase ‘the next few months’ does not really tell us much about the timeline for the launch of Shiba Layer-2. That seems to be enough to confirm that Shibarium is on track for a launch in 2022.

Shibarium remains a product coded by ShibArmy. Established to run several other projects along the Shiba route, such as the Shiba Metaverse and Shiba Inu Game, the L2 will be rapidly transformed into an important part of the SHIB ecosystem.

Developers have also included an image of the Shibarium user interface. To demonstrate the ability to withdraw and deposit, several characteristics were also confirmed. It says the transactions, for example, would be “approved in seconds”.

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With the Shiba BONE token used to feed Shibarium, the L2 also has a Serve Shells and Use Shells feature. Without a doubt, we are still not sure how this will work.

The time of publication will take place about 15 minutes after the SHIB team shares the news of the delay in the sale of land from the SHIB market.

With a further update on the progress, Unification says: “We are in the process of implementing the second private Alpha TestNet.”

Unification is now developing the necessary tools to interact in Shibarium with billboards and block discoverers. Following the creation of these tools, more private testing will take place before a final public beta release.

Planet Crypto will continue to share the latest on Shibarium and the Shiba ecosystem. We update these pages as we read more information about SHIB L2.

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