Shibarium is still on track for launch in 2022, according to the Shiba team

Shiba Inus page 2 Shibarium will be launched this year, according to information included in the latest post on the SHIB blog.

The publication, which gave the titles an update on the Shiba Inu and Lands Sale event, also mentioned some projects along the Shiba route, including the Shibarium, to discuss plans for 2022.

With Shiba titles still screaming for page 2 to avoid gas tariffs, that’s what it says.

Shibarium launches in 2022

In a section explaining why tenants should buy land on the Shiba market, the SHIB team provided some updates on the development of some of their projects. Decia:

2022 is set to be a year full of surprises with new implementations such as Shibarium, which will be Chapter 2 (L2), where SHIB will develop: The Metaverse, and including SHI, the Shiba Ecosystem stablecoin that will open new investments. opportunities through the system that Shib is developing.

From now on, we can expect Layer-2 to be launched within the next 8 months, depending on the pace of development. Just as the Shiba massacre will take place in Shibarium, we hope that its full launch will also be produced after the launch of L2.

Without delay, the team will show up to provide more information on its exact launch until the due date. This must be so that the complete launch dates can be extended according to the development.

The launch of Shibarium will also bring more Shiba Inu cravings.

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In addition to Shibarium, it appears that the stable SHI currency is also scheduled for launch in 2022. This will add a quarter token to the Shiba ecosystem.

This news will reassure the shareholders who are eagerly awaiting the launch of Shibarium. With gas tariffs lower than L2, SHIB transactions could see a significant difference in tariffs.

The Shibarium case became clear last week. Users speculated that the big news from Shiba, now known as the announcement of metaverso, would mark the launch of Shibarium.

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