Shiba Metaverse offers wars continue to the extent land offerings exceed 6 ETH

The first phase of land sales in the Shiba market is coming to an end, but not before a puja feroz raises the price of some SHIB countries by more than 6 ETH.

Since launching earlier this week, the licensing period for Shiba Metaverse has seen more than 7,500 LEASH and Shiboshi title transactions awaiting the purchase of the best real estate properties on the SHIB card.

So before you start the next phase and you can enter more Shiba investors, here is the latest on land sales.

Shiba Metaverse land sale continues

Following the delay in the sale of land, potential owners in the Shiba market are facing pieces of land.

In Shiba Discord, several members are excited to have been overwhelmed by the offer of their lands, despite the large amount of lands that have not yet received an offer. Without a doubt, this is for a good reason.

There are 36,000 terrains available in the first phase. Undoubtedly, much of the activity at this stage was centered in Diamond Teeth Land. This country is closest to the main centers on the map.

The land around Ryo Plaza is particularly competitive. Due to its connection with the founder of Shiba Inu and its central location, offers continue to come around the square.

According to Shiba moderator Queenie, the highest bid was per. land until yesterday 5.19 ETH. At the time of writing, this is worth more than $ 15,000 per. country.

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Without limitation, reports on Shiba Discord suggest that the highest bid is 6.84 ETH, a bid of more than $ 20,000.

As we approach the end of Phase 1, the supply wars may also escalate. It is likely that some owners will wait until the last minute to come up with their final offer, cutting and crushing the hearts of those currently occupying the land.

Phase 1 ends at 12.00 EST / 5.00 BST Saturday to Monday or at 21.00 PT Friday. After this, LEASH / Shiboshi titles will be opened without blocking their activities. The land sale ends with a regular public sale a week later.

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