Shiba Inu games could be launched in September, says Shytoshi Kusama

Shiba Inu Games could be launched in September, according to a comment from SHIB project manager Shytoshi Kusama.

In answer to questions on Shiba Türkiye Telegram, the developer spoke briefly about several projects on Shiba Inu Route Hoja, including Shiba Inu Metaverse.

Here’s the latest on Shiba Inu Games, which is currently being developed by PlaySide Studios.

Shiba Inu game launch date

In the Shiba Türkiye Telegram on April 21, Shytoshi gave a brief update on the possible launch of Shiba Inu Games.

After asking him how much longer SHIB titles can be expected for the game’s projects, Shytoshi said, “September, I think we’re done.”

I’m still in line with previous comments related to the launch date of Shiba Inu Games. PlaySide says it will launch in the first quarter of fiscal year 23. In the Australian fiscal year, this is between June and September 2022.

Shytoshi has previously given a more cautious date for the launch of Shiba Inu Games. In SHIB Discord, they said they expected a fourth-quarter launch.

Shiba Inu Games, divided into mobile and blockchain-based titles, are interchangeable trading card games that will compete with cards based on Shiba Inu’s larger ecosystem.

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Along with his comments on the release date of the games, Shytoshi also confirmed the possible release date for Shibarium Layer-2. After confirming that Shibarium will launch “very soon” on the Shiba Discord server, it expanded on the Turkish telegram. Shytoshi commented: “According to our partners at Xfund, we are a week or a month old.”

El Shiba Turkey The community is among the most active subgroups of the Shiba Inu community. ShibArmy gained attention and advocacy earlier this year after holding a meeting with a Turkish politician to talk about SHIB.

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