Shiba Inu could raise 111 billion SHIBs every year: that’s how it is

Shiba Inu’s thirst remains a hot topic among the SHIB community, which can see the droughts run into billions.

in a Pio shared by Queenie, a member of Shiba’s growth team and moderator of Discord, presented her SHIB recording projects for when ShibaSwap 2.0 and Shibarium will be launched.

Queenie expected that these Shiba projects, with just a few small transaction rates, could destroy 111 billion SHIBs each year. So that’s how it is.

Shiba Inu could earn billions

According to Queenie, if the future version of ShibaSwap implements a transaction rate of 1% for SHIB customers, then with a total commercial volume of $ 10 million (or 370 billion SHIB at current prices) it could cost 3.7 billion SHIB each month. Of that 1%, a hypothetical $ 44 billion SHIB would be sent to the dead bill each year.

If this 1% transaction rate in ShibaSwap then accumulates with the launch of Shibarium, another transaction rate of 1% per share will be added. year.

Then Queenie also predicted that the circular ecosystem through DApps in Shibarium, with an additional commercial volume of $ 5 million outside of ShibaSwap, could grow 22 billion additional SHIBs in 12 months. In total, this would be 111 billion SHIB.

Of course, this does not include many other arbitrary proposals. Queenie also predicted that the name change of Shiba Inu Lands could raise nearly 400 million SHIB. Meanwhile, local dryer and other drought in the Shiba ecosystem through the drought portal will contribute to the total amount.

With a circulating fund of 549 billion SHIB, the fund would spend 20% each year. The new monthly estimate of 9.25 billion will also add an increase of 154,000% over the 6,000 million SHIBs killed in March.

The Shiba team has confirmed that all future projects in the ecosystem will contribute to quema. Without hesitation, they did not say that this would be through transaction rates of 1%. If a rate of 1% is factual, this will follow, as Queenie put it, a hypothesis until all the details are known.

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