Shadows Die Twice will compete with Modo Fácil next April 5th

From software refrain from the pressure of some communication media as well as to users who have happened to be listening to reddit and announce that will include an easy mode in its latest launch Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as Payout DLC.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will have Easy Mode for € 9.99

The study looks at the past and comments the press notes that; “Many users will leave Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne on the media, endlessly, based on a people-oriented justice with hands, we do not want this to happen with Sekiro, and we think it would be best to lowering the difficulty of reaching the general public “both losers and experienced players,” says Hidetaka Miyazaki. “We will launch a paid DLC on April 5 with a price of € 9.99, which adds a difficulty selector,” the press release concluded.


Miyazaki also commented that adding a difficulty selector to a FromSoftware game has been the hardest decision ever made. The designer knows that it will be harshly criticized and understands very well that the game will thereby lose all the grace and essence with which it was created. “It’s going to be like playing tricks,” he added, “but for others to market the tricks, we’d better sell them on an official basis.”

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been appreciated by the vast majority of the press and users as a masterpiece that saves all those who do not have the sharpness or sufficient hands to pass the first screens. Now they will not cry any more, they will say; I passed a game from From Software, I passed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

You can see the press release here.

For those who did not have an account and did not tell him to read the original press release (photo from April Fool’s joke), then it’s a broma we make on April 1st.

Tracks that Sekiro does not want DLC, if it is true that he has captured a Mod that makes it possible to vary the speed of the enemies and that the player can make things easier, as well as unlocking the border for frames in a second and adding support for the 21: 9 format, among other things. The mod is called “Sekiro FPS Unlock and More” and this is its changelog;


  • Added statistics (deaths and deaths so far) with the option to register them in an archive to view them in OBS (thanks to Me_TheCat for your contribution)
  • The player’s speed modifier will now be locked between speed trips


  • Attached to the upper part of the system without borders


  • Added game speed modifier (thanks to Zullie the Witch # 7202 for offset)
  • Added player speed converter (thanks to Zullie the Witch # 7202 for offset)
  • The settings are saved and loaded from the configuration file now
  • FOV will be maintained even after you save the game load
  • Fixed a potential issue with FPS unlimited unlocking
  • Fixed a potential issue when the user was trying to be able to have some limits while on a fully minimized screen.
  • Improves the initial loading time until the game can be parked


  • Added option to reduce FOV (petition)
  • Added the ability to close the window without frames to full screen, regardless of the resolution of the window.
  • Fixed a Z-order issue without limits where the taskbar could be in front of the window (thanks to Forkinator for reporting)
  • Fixed Borderless Resolution Issues (Thanks to King Enrique V # 6946 for reporting)


  • Fixed the issue of escalation in window mode without limits (thanks to Spacecop42 # 0947 for reporting)


The mod can be downloaded from here on NexusMod.

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