[Seriously]Currently, the Game Boy Advance is hovering! Specialist “The cause is the number of sales”

why! ?I requested why the Game Boy Advance appears to be insanely costly proper now


According to the article

・Currently, the value of the Game Boy Advance is hovering.

・It was launched on March 21, 2001, and the preliminary worth was 9800 yen.

・According to the “Nintendo Co., Ltd. Consolidated Sales Volume Trends” printed by Nintendo, about 80 million models have been bought, of which about 40 million models are Game Boy Advance SP, with an preliminary worth of 12,500 yen. was.

・It’s nonetheless an outdated recreation machine, however it’s at the moment being traded at a reasonably excessive worth, primarily on flea market websites.

・ Depending on the transaction, it has soared to lots of of 1000’s of yen.

・When I checked on the flea market website, the second-hand promoting worth was about 4000 yen to 10,000 yen.

·But,Even low-cost new gadgets are 40,000 yen, restricted editions and abroad premium gadgets are lots of of 1000’s of yenClimbing to

・According to second-hand recreation specialists, the variety of models bought has an influence.

・According to the “Nintendo Co., Ltd. Consolidated Sales Volume Trends” referenced earlier, the Game Boy Advance has about 80 million models, of which SP has about 40 million models.Approximately 16 million models have been bought in Japan, of which 6.5 million have been SPs, and roughly 9.5 million Game Boy Advance models have been bought in Japan.It is claimed that

One of the explanation why it’s turning into a premium mannequin is that there are few models in the marketplace.It is claimed that

・Also, in line with a second-hand supplier in Shizuoka,“The price of retro games such as GB (Game Boy) has been skyrocketing for a year now. There is no particular reason for this, but YouTubers have distributed retro games and other things, and people who want to play them are encouraged. Has it increased?”I guessed.

-Actual product (from Mercari)


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