Sega files trademark and logo for its NFT collection

Sega’s relationship with NFTs has been quite contentious from the start. However, this seems to confirm that the Japanese company plans to expand into this market, due to the registration of a trademark and logo called “Sega NFT”.

Sega was one of the first companies to dabble in the NFT market and blockchain back in April, when it revealed it was collaborating with the company Double Jump Tokyo to start selling the visual art of their classic IPs in the form of NFTs. Later, in November, reiterated his enthusiastic stance during its end-of-year meeting with investors.

Unsurprisingly, last week, director Haruki Satomi explained that Sega’s NFT plans would be cut short if the public looked negative in front of them, or if the move was seen as just an intention to make money from its go.

“At the end of the NFT, we would like to start with several experiments and we have already started different studies and reflections, but nothing is decided at this stage regarding the ‘play to win’ model. We have had many announcements on this subject . , including internationally, but there are users showing negative responses at this point. We need to carefully evaluate many things, such as how we can mitigate the negative elements, how we can introduce them into the Japanese law, and what will be accepted if we follow them, with that if it leads us to our vision, “to be constantly creating and always careful”, but if it only works as a way to earn money , we would like to make the decision not to continue.”

Undoubtedly, despite these statements, it seems that Sega’s interest in NFTs continues. At a minimum, applicable trademarks are guaranteed to be registered in the future with the Japanese patent office.

The patent application was submitted early last year, and includes two different marks: one for Sega Classics NFT Collectionwhich must probably be seen with the classic IP NFTs already mentioned, and another for a brand which is simply called Sega NFT. Ambas is accompanied by their respective logos.

On the other hand, other Japanese companies, such as Square Enix, have positioned themselves recently in favor of this fashionwhile others like Konami have already started selling NFT of their games.


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