SEGA celebrates its 60th anniversary with a very special campaign on Steam

SEGA West announces its plans to celebrate its 60th anniversary with millions of fans around the world with a very special campaign on Steam. Visit the website to learn more.

The festival week begins today on Steam with significant discounts in the expanded SEGA product catalog: Visit the Steam campaign page here for more details. You can also find fiery retro-style video games created by SEGA Studios specifically to celebrate this 60th birthday.

  • Armor of HeroesRelic Entertainment – A comic game with tanks in retro style, where you can meet up to four players in battle, between them or in co-op. Available between October 15 and 19.
  • Endless zoneAmplitude Studios – The Endless Universe and Fantasy Zone are fused in this Matamarcan-style lateral dislocation video game. Available between October 16 and 19.
  • Kamurochos streetsSEGA® – Kiryu and Majima, from the alabada series Yakuza ™, will be attacked by the streets of Kamurocho in a new network that has already had a well-known result. Available between October 17 and 19.
  • Golden AxedSEGA® – An opportunity to take a toll on an unpublished project that is currently suspended, called Golden Ax ™: Reborn. Available between 18 and 19 October, ie only one day.


[amazon box=»B07VZCZ41P,B07CZ5X6TH,B019MFPLC0″ grid=»3″]

To get free games, simply go to the Steam product page and select ‘Games’. The action adds the game to your library and will be yours forever. Date prisa! When you stop being on Steam, you will not be able to catch them! In addition, SEGA will reward Steam users who enter their accounts on with the SEGA Saturn classic Nights into dreams free at 60 day party.

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