See the best games created with Core Games

The design competition at the last level Nuclear centered on competitive shooter jugability and called Kamparenaer has received more than 50 games. All the games have been created in very few weeks and are now among the most notable Core games.

The winners have been selected by a panel of judges led by Minh “Gooseman” Le (co-creator of Counter Strike), who at Core pointed out: “It’s a great concept and the bridge to connect indie / mod developers with community. I think one of the problems that modders face is getting exposure ”.

Minh Le leaves the modding community and is eager to see new games created in Core: “I think the content generated by users is the next big step in the video game industry and it will be very interesting to watch games and genres that no one knows have created before. Core to enable independent developers or modders to create a game in a very simple and fast way, and to publish it with just one click, so anyone can be the creator of it next great game ”.

Including thinking that the next Dust 2 may leave this platform: “Who knows, the next big card like Dust 2 may even leave this competition!”

Then we’ll tell you who the winners are. To play them, just click and you can register with Open Alpha of Core.

These are the best games created with Core

Winner: Paint Brawl by cptdeas


A fast competitive team game where strategy counts as much as goals. Switch from side to side to move quickly on the map, coordinate with your teammates to deter enemies and get the perfect crossfire. The last team on foot runs the round, the first team at 10 runs the party!

Best Urban Level: Cardinal Zebra’s Street Wars


Walk through the streets of the city and its squares, where the weapons that appear in the azar always keep the fighting treacherous. Vertical battle is the basis of the game!

Honorary proposal: Fighting tendency of RDoman caught our attention with its intense jugability, and Fighting tendency of marcepan also hooked us.

Best SciFi Level: Sentry Crater by estlogic


Two teams are involved in a power struggle to the death under the control of a superarm called The Sentry! To complete their goal you must take control of the command installation and it will require you to completely remove the opposite team! But be careful, it’s too late and Sentry’s warning eye can find you.

Honorary messages: The design of levels and the validity of Core legends by Darman117 deserves recognition, just as much fun as we play while we play Colony clashes by MisterSandman.

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Best natural level: The arboretum of sukhraj


The rest of Valley Lumber Co. it is the scene of a peaceful foundation for the chaos that is to come. Creator sukhraj, a professional-level designer, shared all his knowledge with Core to create one of the most polished maps on the platform.

Honorary notes: Lumberyard Deathmatch of Gruppy showed a good overall effort, y Grand Battle Melee by threeguysgamestudio was a great combination of goals and jugability.

Best Level Spooky: Damned Valley by NANIMOON


Go hunting through an enchanting round and redirect in search of the best weapons while others do the same. From a chapel in ruins hiding a ballet of work for experts, to turbulent sewers containing a skeleton holding an oxidized shovel: the level of detail on this map is impressive.

Honorary notes: Deathlab Deathmatch of rtwarner has an atmosphere and an amazing aesthetic, and Malfeasances house by TheHauntedTopHat was a wonderful original version of the “hunt for witches” game mode.

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Best Framework: SHOES: Block Buster Arena by CosmicKiwi


Fight on a procedurally generated destructive map filled with bots that will find and capture hidden dots beneath the floor surface! A unique game that puts Core in new and impressive directions.

Honorary notes: Upgrade Arena by Liveonnoevil / WaveParadigm was a diverse and different post with many good elements, and the simple participation of Juggernaut game mode of selimsamot made us enjoy much more than we had expected.

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