secrets to unlocking Rex (and maneuvering the fuel matrix)

A guide to unlocking Rex legally for those in trouble.

How to unlock Rex (easy method)

Begins to unblock Rex

King is a unique support role that can weaken your teammates’ enemies and cure the battle. To balance this, most of their attacks take health. He is an extremely strong but complicated character, especially in the late game where you can help your teammates defeat enemies with tanks and even use his maneuverability (ability 3) to shoot down elementary enemies that can be rescued by the wounded ( and including to a chief, Clay Dunestrider).

Unlocking the Rex requires transport of a holding element, the Fuel Array, to the Rex’s body without activating it or collapsing below 50% (in which case it explodes and kills it instantly). Of course, activating it will also hurt you, but I do not remember that it would happen when I tried to do it in my own career. Still, I would not have been mistaken in taking care of you.

To start, pick up the fuel matrix when it starts. Appears in the back of your escape capillary at the beginning of the game (and therefore you can only get it if you and another player interpret a character appearing in an escape capillary if there are characters other than Acrid and MULT-T). In addition, it counts that since Fuel Array kills you instantly (with a small regressive number) when it breaks down below 50% of health, the blood reserves will disperse the explosion if activated. It also tries to avoid suffering damage from accidents that can cause unforeseen and serious injuries.

You will need to take the fuel matrix to the fourth level, the area of ​​the red hole (and it is possible that you will want to use a Newt switch to make sure it is aimed at that level). Rex can be found near some rocks towards the upper part of the cave (in the middle of the two acantilados for those that can only be reached by kite). The location is shown below. Once Fuel Array is played in Rex, it unlocks as a character. Without restrictions, this does not block the whole group because each player must do this at least once.

The game will not allow a player to have a fuel matrix if another player already has one, so only one can have one fuel matrix per game. game. Without problems, if a team barrel is found in the first level, the player with the fuel matrix can swap his team, leave another player with another fuel matrix from an escape capillary without exploding, and then make the original player remember the fuel matrix it was solid at first.

Manipulation of the fuel matrix

Fuel Array kills you instantly when it crashes below 50% health. If it explodes, it will be lost forever and you will have to start over. There are several methods to avoid this fact.

  • Take it to someone who has taken it and it will continue to stand in the caves. If that player wants to unlock Rex, they can do it themselves (since Rex only unlocks the player who placed the Fuel Array). If another player so desires, the player who has the fuel array can pick up a team item to highlight it.
  • If you find a team barrel, you can temporarily change the Fuel Array to a team piece and return to retrieve it before leaving the stage. The items do not disappear over time, so you only need to register where they are located.
  • Use MUL-T and replace your exhaust equipment to detonate the fuel array completely if it leaks below 50% of health. When you consider that if you have less than 50% health and a new fuel array change, you will explore less than hope until your health is above that paragraph.
  • In addition to the former, playing Engineer is the surest bet on your defensive nature. Hide behind the cover and its barriers while its towers carry the worst part of the force to avoid excessive damage.
  • Play and drizzle. Rex does not need to be repaired with any hassle so you can abuse this to easily unlock it.
  • If all else fails and you want to continue the race, you can avoid the damage of the explosion by making any move that is unlikely, such as using the steps of heresy.

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