Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile: All We Know

Although season 3 of COD Mobile is in its first phase, some players are already aware of the upcoming content season after launch. The launch of Radical Raid introduces a range of 80s-themed cosmetic items in addition to the Miami Strike map and MAC-10 sealer.

Given that players continue to work on the new Battlefield, it’s likely that Season 4 will have yet another wave of new incorporations into the arsenal of weapons, new battlefields to conquer and even more unlockable.

With the teasers from the new season already popping up, here’s all there is to know about season 4 of COD Mobile.

Release Date for Season 4 of COD Mobile

Thanks to the current Battlefield, we have an approximate estimate of when the new season will begin. According to the regressive report on the game, Battle Pass ends on April 28, which means it will follow the start of season 4.

COD Mobile Time 4 cards

Thanks to the test server, players believe that Black Ops Cold War Satellite will be the next card to reach COD Mobile. Together with Satellite, players with eagle eyes have found an advancement that highlights a small part of Khandor Hideout, a 2019 Modern Warfare card.

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COD Mobile Season 4 Guns and Weapons

So far, one step ahead is the arrival of the Black Ops 4 Koshka freighter. Known for its impressive mobility, Koshka can result in a popular choice in Satellite and Khandor Hideout.

That’s all the information about COD Mobile season 4 right now! When we find out more information, we will update the article with the latest news, filters and rumors about the upcoming season.

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