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Today I would like to introduce a tool that I find very interesting for users who are just searching for a lot of information on the network. The application is called Presearchand is an intelligent seeker it uses Blockchain and IA technology (Artificial intelligence). Among its virtues, we can emphasize that it is one looking for an alternative that pays for its use, open, decentralized and transparent. Remember that the Internet is not Google, Google is a search engine like many other services.

Make Money Using Presearch

Search works like any other search engine. It has a minimalist design with a central bar from which to perform the search. In addition, it has extensions for navigators, which makes it much easier that we do not forget to use. In summary, which takes us as a predefined search engine in Presearch instead of Google, DuckDuckGo and other lesser known searchers.

Search pays you with your own platform tokens on the ETH networkcalled $ PRE for each search. So every time you perform a search, you will get a balance in the token $ PRE, and you will be able to stream it through the platform through various services such as advertising in the browser, staking or withdrawing to your wallet.

The searcher allows you to perform 32 paid daily searches, and each search pays you 0.25 PRE. The PRE price on March 14, 2022 is $ 0.18.

How do you start using Presearch?

  • Create an account on the Presearch network
  • Check the mail
  • Install the Presearch extension to use it as a predefined search engine:
  • Go to find information and generate PRE.

Install your Presearch node

Search engines are complicated, and building a decentralized search engine will plant some unique networks that do not apply to centralized search engines. E.g:

  • How do you prevent malicious actors from hitting and stealing user information or returning dangerous or unwanted content?
  • How fast response times (hundreds of milliseconds) are achieved in a highly distributed network of servers with a drastic variation in performance and reliability?
  • How to encourage users to manage nodes and balance the supply and demand of nodes and searches on the network?

Some of these issues have already been resolved by Presearch, and others will require continuous experimentation and innovation over time, but Presearch will expand the platform as much as the decentralization of the same incremental form to guarantee a hassle-free and continuous search experience. the amazing Presearch community. This is the view at the top of the page for the term “Bitcoin”.

Nikkei operators will be compensated in PRE for the value of the work and the capacity supplied to the network. There are at least seven different types of operations that can perform a node (and there are likely to be more in the future). More information here.


  • It is recommended to perform a node on routed computers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, depending on the activity time statistics.
  • The installation or administration of a node can be performed on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, other of your choice), as long as you can access the sub-docker application
  • There is no limit to the number of points an account can earn
  • There is no preferred configuration as the main purpose of the project is to support decentralization

Configuration instructions

How to convert PRE to Dollars or Euros?

In order to sell your PRE tokens, you must use one of the decentralized or centralized exchanges where it is listed. I give you a choice of each:

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