Scars of Summer – Basic Guide (Checks, Signs, Route H)

This guide provides some tips to prevent people from going through the same issues that I went through.

Basic concept guide

Control S

Keyboard control

  • Q: This opens your phone so you can call Ryoka, who can answer and give clues as to where you may be, or look for lazy friends in a forum (mainly about Ryoka). You can only use this 3 times a day at least than buying chargers.
  • W: this opens the calendar. Use this to check the day and upcoming events
  • T – 1 hour ahead.
  • A – Telecommunication transportation from the back of your house.
  • C: this will close the Ryoka diary that you use to view scenes h. Consider that to view the H scenes, click on the heart icon in the Ryoka diary
  • Z and spaces: confirm the settings, interact with the objects and go to the following dialog box. Hold down the Z key to go through the dialog faster
  • X: reject settings / select the second option for settings and open the menu.
  • Ctrl – Quickly drag the text
  • Flag keys: Move to person.

Conversely, you can use the mouse to move by clicking on the place where you want the character to appear.

Also note: Entering and exiting a building can take up to 25 minutes.


The main character


  • Main characters and who you want to play with.



  • The main heroine of this game is Keita’s childhood friend.


  • The main heroine’s big sister and Keita’s guardian while he stays with them.



  • A holy old man living in the city in a house to the right of the town hall.


  • A disabling type who is Keita and Ryoka’s second childhood friend. Work in the bathroom just below the town hall.


  • A rich young boy living in the mansion on the top floor to the right of his house. Generally, it is located around the store on the top exit outside the city.


  • A fast, smart and muscular employee in the city’s video store (building at the top right)


  • Indigenous people living in the lower neighborhoods of Central Park. You have to take the train


Delicious and playboy buddy. Can be found at the school in the upper corner to the right of the classroom (upper corner outside the school)

CV / Stage Guide H

Introduction to the routes.

To activate the route for one of the antagonists, interact with the characters with exclamation marks (!) On their heads. Most of the time, these (!) Only appear while Ryoka is with you. I will tell more about activating the beginning of each route in advance. The H events for each route appear to override other route H events. Sometimes it seems random that route H events are activated when playing a game where routes for multiple antagonists are activated. It is only recommended to activate the route for 1 person and then continue with your route until you reach the point where you need to sleep for the first time with Ryoka, then it seems that that route will take precedence over other route events. But of course it is a bit random, so it is possible to want to activate a route once you want to see all the events on that route.

Last note: I will not go step by step in every event. Just a general description of how to start the route and some tips for the part where the game does not tell you where to look or go.

Saki H-Escenas

Saki has 3 squares and you will see your scene right away while interacting with the pink hearts of your scene. The main character must be alone to be able to see Saki’s scene. The schedule for these routes is posted in the closet next to the refrigerator in the kitchen of Ryoka’s house.

Monday and Saturday: To start this route, visit City Hall and interact with Saki (!) On the days you work. Have this 2 times. The third, when she enters the building on a day when she is working, will be in the large empty space surrounded by a group of men (on the right) who only interact with the door and start the scene. After a while, the door will be locked with a key, just straighten the bathroom to the right and be able to interact with (!) To hit and look at it from the top. 4 H scenes in total.

Tuesday and Thursday: To start this route, you only need to visit the shop (last house up to the checkpoint, just before you reach the bridge that ends at the city checkpoint). You just have to work with the old man behind the desk and there will be an article. Most of the items are in the grocery store in town.

The last item (Bride Stealer) can only be purchased by the character covered in the Center (It is on the far right, in the same way to get to the love hotel and the mezclador bar).

Once you have read the article, simply wait until 6 p.m. 14.00 on the two going up the stairs and revealing the pink heart. Generally 3 steps H.

Wednesday and Sunday: To start this route, go to the city center. Then directly to the test preparation facilities south of the center and pass Vagrant. In the park / neighborhood, talk to the vagabondo who is on Saki’s side with (!) About him. Have this 2 times. Then there is a scene the next time visitors go, after which the heart continues to appear in the store to the right. Finally, you can also find a photo on the outskirts of the shelter for the homeless in the upper right part of the park’s slums. You must press Z to interact with it.

Generally 4 H scenes.

Rutas Ryoka H

Normal completion: You simply do not have to complete any of the routes.

Happy True Love Ending: Do not start any of the other routes and get Ryoka memories. Basically going to the cave, the warehouse, the mountains and then to the summer colored beach. Press the crystal until it reaches the brilliant point to activate Ryoka Memory. Each location is displayed in the same size as the previous one. Then simply arrive at the end of the summer and confide in Ryoka during the study trip.


There will be one (!) About him in his pocket. Talk to him with Ryoka with you. Next, talk to the mayor / mayor. It is in the center of town in the living room at the end of the hallway. You should also have one (!) About him. After that, when you have to see Ryoka and Oyama together next to his cabaña, or one (!) On the floor near the cabaña that will decrypt a scene where Ryoka enters the old man’s cabaña.


You must have Ryoka with you when you go to the toilet. There will be one (!) On him. So go to school and listen to some girls tell about the accusation. I think you need Ryoka with me so you can get rid of this. Then he just wants to go home and open a scene of Ryoka’s memory that helps Masaru while the girls scare him. Then you will leave a scene with them in the bathroom. From here, most scenes will take place mainly in the lower right corner, where there will be a patio surrounded by a choir.

Note: you will have to leave or enter Ryoka’s house to activate the scene where the girls attack Masaru.


To start your route, go to the liquor store (the house on the outskirts of the city center) with Ryoka and talk to the two men discussing on Wednesday.

Next, visit Nobuo in his mansion (top corner off the map). Finally, talk to Nobuo, who should be on the side of the stairs next to the entrance at the left end of the map, Wednesday and Friday. He would like to make a bet, accept the offer and play the cards. If you lose, you will take Ryoka to your store and you will go, a child blocks your way towards them. The card game is a game of stone, paper or cards (3 cards, your choice. 10 points for 2; 2 points for axes; axes for 10 points). It’s completely random, so it’s better to watch it and try again if you lose or lose. After losing 3 times, all your routes will be activated.


To start your route, work part-time in the video club, on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Have this 2 times.

Then you will start to see the symbol of the heart when he and Royka pass the rat on the other side of the river in the city and then together with Ryoka and Daisuke who are watching movies at Ryoka’s home. You may have to go to Ryoka’s house to cancel an event where she tells you that Daisuke keeps inviting her to go and what to do.


To start your route, talk to him and go into the preparatory school to get a doll.

Then they go to Ryoka’s house and Ryoka will be buried in the preparatory school. Next, just go to Ryoka’s school and read for your account (there is an ingenious chair in the living room downstairs).

This will make Ryoka go to the preparatory school where he will meet the vagabondo. Then you can watch its scenes go to its campaign store in the park. Later there is a storm, but you can get to the center by going south on the map of the outer world and walking towards the center. Eventually, towards the end of his route, the choice is made in the lower part of the city.


To start his route, talk to him with Ryoka when you have one (!) About him. Next, talk to the poor boy from the town’s clothing store.

Then direct it to the mixing rod in the middle.

Then go to the house to unravel the event when the teachers ask you what happened in the mixer. But in addition, you will find Yasui playing with Ryoka in the karaoke bar or at the hotel in the center. There is also a stage at the school. All you have to do is help summer school while you have an early heart to activate it.

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