Scarlet Nexus Director Wants ‘A More Mature Sequel’

The director of Scarlet Nexus has expressed his desire to make an “even more mature” sequel.

The anime-style action-RPG leaked last year and was added to Xbox Game Pass in September.

Game director Kenji Anabuki and producer Keita Iizuka spoke with Reverse about a possible sequel.

“If there’s a sequel, I’d like to use the superpower theme for more than just battles,” Anabuki said.

“The world of the story could have been created for ever more mature audiences exploring the dangers of possessing or using superpowers.

Asked about the universe in which the story took place, he explained that “the first Scarlet Nexus could continue or be based on its characteristics… For now, I don’t know”.

He also indicated that as a “personal comment” he would like the sequel to be released on various platforms.

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