Saurian – Triceratops Supervision Guide

Tips for Surviving as a Ceratopsian Resident in Hell Creek.

A guide to survival


So now that Triceratops is in the game, I think it’s wise to give advice on how to survive as one.

Now we go straight to the grain.

Basic concepts in the game Triceratops

So just to download the road controls, use WASD to move (do not remember if the arrow keys work for Saurian), left click to attack, right click to aim, left to drive, C to relax hold C down to get a rat to sleep and hold E down to sleep.

Now in Triceratop’s unique mechanics.


Triceratops can increase the damage of their attack by strain. Basically, it runs towards the enemy and attacks at the last second. Exercise helps here.

Social interaction

Triceratops lives in manadas. Therefore, you need to interact in one.

Pressing F opens the social interaction menu, which has four different icons, in addition to a departure icon in the lower right part of the circle. The bottom icon shows your reboot, which shows their names (you can change the name if you want), their state of necessity (food, water, resistance and health) as well as their position. The position is affected by his behavior: If he warns of threats, becomes friends with members of the hostage and strangers and threatens any predator who wants to eat him, his position will increase. Cry wolf and be a ♥♥♥ for all the others under your position. Eventually, it is possible that you will be excommunicated and probably do not want to return.

The icon for clearing is Social Interaction. When you click on that icon and then select another Triceratops, you will try to make friends with them. Use this when you intend to join a new manada, invite other triceratops to an existing manada where they meet or become friends with manada companion. This will gradually increase its position.

The top icon is the threat screen. Click here and then click on a threat (such as a bird of prey or a rex) to deal with it. You can not use this as a joke because they are an adorable package of scams that seem to be about defending.

The icon on the right is an advertisement. Select it, and then select a threat that will alert your friends about that threat, what they will do to harass / try to harass it and make them like it the most. If you use it when there is no threat, your message will resonate with you and you will be able to accept it.

Now to the threats.

dangerous creatures

These are the creatures you have to fear.

tirano-saurio Rex

The king / queen of dinosaurs. You come as tasty. If you see a king at some point, use an ad and then reserve it. It is possible that you can handle it if you have numbers, but do not press for luck unless there is another dinosaur nearby so the king can come. He would also suggest trying to kill a more difficult creature so the king would go after the corpse. It’s just hunting if you’re an adult. It’s about starting with a load.


The giant resident rapaz. A powerful assassin who wants to eat. Also very spongy. A danger, even when you are an adult, but if you are an adult, you can avoid it. You can also easily kill him once you are a teenager.


First by Velociraptor. Dangerous as a creature, but it can be reversed at any other stage.

Everybody else

A lot of creatures that are irrelevant to you. Larger dinosaurs should ignore less than your amusement, while smaller carnivores can be hollowed out. Avoid the sea less than you want it to be turned into food for mosasaurios.


You are green and you look beautiful. You will swallow it in a nutshell. Stay with your fathers. Your father (Mr. Colorful) will guide his wealth in search of food and water. Síguelo to protect you. If you press F, a brush appears in the upper right part of the screen, showing where the conductor carries the handle.

Use your parents as a protection: you can not accidentally apply at this time.

Avoid all threats: they are small and delicious. Practice using commercials in any distraction you see; it will help him further.

Once a year of life is over, it’s time to grow up. Hold it down C when it appears.


Now you’re a teenager and you can kill things with your whole brain.

Besides, your parents do not want you anymore. Now you will be out of control and could potentially be abused by adults. Hopefully, your brothers will also mature so that you can form a bond with them. Juvenile and Adult Triceratops can form manads between them, just as adults and children can. Everything else does not work.

Acheroraptor, cocodrilos and Paleosaniwa can now be killed very easily. Without restraint, you should try to threaten with small rapes: a good practice for major threats. Avoid Dakotaraptors and Rexes: It’s better to avoid regretting.

Use social interaction to get along with your teammates and prevent anger from being left behind.

This phase lasts for two years. Proceed as fast as you can.


Now you’re big enough to easily kill rapes. Hooray!

The same rules that were applied as young people still apply here, but the Dakotaraptor is now easy to kill. I still avoided the rexes.

This phase lasts up to 8 years. Sleep to move on to the final stage.


Congratulations, it has arrived faster than I did as Triceratops.

Note: when you grow up, you will be deprived of your rejuvenation, except for the brothers you already have. These mature with you and form a new mandate.

Fighting for dominance

Only adult manadas can have an adult male in them. If you play as a man and find a manada with another man, you will have to fight and turn it around to unite the manada. To turn does not mean to kill, but each of the two can die. Beware.

I feel inconvenient

Now you’re big enough to fight even with T. rex. Without hesitation, focus first on using screens with threats and advertisements: discretion is the best part of the value, moreover, it is desirable that a man responds to it. All the other opponents are a nuisance to be beaten as best you can.

Leads the load

He Triceratops has the ability to guide months when they are adults, through the social menu (pressure F). I have not reached adulthood like Triceratops, so I have no idea how to use it.

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