SAO’s new movie “Scherzo of the Dark Dusk” gets off to an overwhelming start with box office revenue of ○ billion yen on the first day!I’m Kirito

I want to watch the box office revenue!

SAO Sword Art Online Progressive Dark Dusk: Scherzo One Piece ONEPIECE First day box office sales Kirito Asuna Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Image related to 12 consecutive weeks at the top -02

Daily total ranking (including independent): 20221022 (Sat)
2022/10/23 00:52CM:0TB:0
Total sales ranking 25 minutes before the daily screening (including independent): 20221022
Rank Number of sales Number of seats Number of times Number of theaters Compared to last week Movie (title)
*1 86414 321006 960 138 ****** Theatrical version Sword Art Online Progressive Dark Dusk Scherzo

*2 29594 141044 862 197 *89.9% Body search
*3 28696 203073 951 197 *48.0% ONE PIECE FILM RED

*4 20848 212662 870 161 ****** The line draws me
*5 14423 114904 761 197 *60.6% Listen
*6 13333 117905 752 196 *71.4% Silent Parade
*7 11946 *38767 195 *90 *47.4% Theatrical version Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Starish Tours
*8 11590 *53539 241 *95 *68.5% Revenge Master – Shioko Birth
*9 *9337 *76936 397 109 ****** RRR
10 *8997 *76260 574 180 *55.7% Seven Secretary THE MOVIE

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from twitter

Congratulations on winning first place!

This work was also the best content!
I think there will be specials every week again this time, so I want you to record a long hit!

Expected to be the next top-level hit this year after ONE PIECE

What kind of story is this movie?

↑A story about the first season of the anime from Asuna’s point of view

SAO movies are plainly selling better than ufo’s Fate

It’s amazing even though it’s the second sequel of the parallel world
I don’t feel like watching it at all

Yana Matsuoka, the main character of the five equal brides and SAO that made a big hit
Matsuoka is amazing

Matsuoka seems to be able to eat at sao for the rest of his life

Everyone looks like Kirito, so I empathize with him.

↑ By the way, she looks like Asuna

As expected of our Kirito-san
It would be great if it surpassed the previous work with this momentum
Yaruo In front of the PC Laughter

Or rather, it’s amazing that One Piece has been on top for 12 weeks in a row.
Both of them are made with a lot of enthusiasm and are a convincing box office income.
Husband who does not think

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