Sami Indigenous Peoples Council Requests Removal of Charged Costumes in FF14! “Use of Cultural Property and Infringement of Rights”

The Saami Council calls for Square Enix take away Far Northern Attire from Final Fantasy 14


According to the article

The Sami Council is demanding that Square Enix take away paid tools from Final Fantasy 14, citing cultural property utilization and rights violations.

・The billing tools in query is the “Far Northern Costume Set” bought on the on-line retailer. The value is 1,980 yen (tax included)

The Sami Council claims that the costume makes use of the cultural heritage of the Sami individuals, an indigenous individuals of some components of northern Scandinavia.

The Council has despatched a letter to Square Enix requesting that this costume be faraway from the sport, and has shared it with Eurogamer.

・Aslat Holmberg, Chairman of the Council“This is not a question of sensibility or whether the depiction is appropriate. These elements are Sami’s cultural heritage and Square Enix violates our rights.”stated

“Our rights to cultural property are not theoretical. They are generally protected and protectable under harmonized intellectual property laws around the world. Media company Square Enix knows intellectual property law and there is no excuse for blatant infringement of Sámi cultural property.”claimed to

・The council states that its clothes traditions will not be merely aesthetic however have the “significance of being a particular element of Sami identity with meaning, content and context”.As such, its obvious use in Final Fantasy 14 costumes contributes to “(the) erosion of culture”.

The council has already struck a cope with Walt Disney Animation Studios to make use of Sami tradition in Frozen 2.

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