Sales of the Shiba Inu market have raised nearly $ 20 million so far

ShibArmy has bought land on the Shiba Inu market for a total of almost $ 20 million in Ethereum, less than a week after SHIB’s land sale event.

In accordance with the two contracts for the land auction, the tenants have spent 6280 ETH on land in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the sale so far. Without limitation, this has only a small portion of SHIB titles. Remains closed for LEASH and Shiboshi titles until this weekend’s public sale begins.

Here is a deeper look at the status of land sales in the market, almost a week later.

SHIB Metaverso Sales

According to Etherscan, the largest individual transaction in the sale of the SHIB product cost one user to use 36.3 ETH ($ 110,712). Without restrictions, this offer is not for a single reason. In return, it used the aggregated multiple bid format during Phase 1.

In this transaction, the user purchased 121 separate lands for an average of 0.3 ETH.

Without restrictions, other users have bought more land. Two users own 200 lands on the Shiba market: the maximum they can buy from an individual. Another user, without restrictions, seems to have mastered this, now posing 209 NFT in the ‘SHIB YARD’ country collection. They used 40.8 ETH in 8 transactions to make these purchases.

To date, there are 3337 landowners in the Shiba market, with a total of 12,975 lands owned.

Although some individual transactions cost more than 4 ETH in a single country, future sales are made at fixed prices. These will vary depending on the location on the metaverso map.

With 100,000 countries finally to exist in SHIB: The Metaverse, the only remaining country will be unlocked once the 36,000 original lands launched for the first time are reached.

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Shiba developer Eric M noted the amount recovered and added the importance of the current market position as the relevant context. Shiba Discord states: “How many times have you raised almost $ 20 million in five days? In a collapsed market?

The funds raised from this sale of the property will go to major development and it is expected that the Shiba Inu team will name its AAA development partner for the project. Originally expected to happen in late March, this partner has not yet revealed.

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