Salen a luz las probabilitas de las cajas botín de Overwatch

Probability of cajas de botín de Overwatch al discoverier

If you remember correctly, last December we announced the news that China will launch a new regulation in May requiring companies to provide data on the likelihood of virtual cash registers.

well Blizzard ya ha tenido que adjustarse a esta Regulation para su shooter Overwatch en el país del sol naciente y has published the percentages of probability que tenemos para que te toque objetos raros, épicos o legendaryarios en sus cajas de botín.

Los percentages son los suientes;

  • Rare items: Each box will contain at least one item of Rara quality (or superior).
  • Epico’s items un 18.19% of probability of apparezca.
  • Legendary objects 7.4% of probability that there is an apparezca.

Hay que tener una cosa bien clara, estos percenter son para la version en China y se desconoce si estos data applican para el resto del mundo. Blizzard could have unique percentages for each region.

You, ¿Ven you mean what to do? Should the governments of other countries by law oblige the companies to provide this data for all games with these systems?

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