SaGa Frontier Remastered – Guide to unlock DSC (Habilidad definitiva de artes martiales)

DSC, the most powerful martial arts skill in Saga Frontier, which costs the highest WP of all martial arts skills.

How to unlock the ultimate skill in martial arts DSC

The wizard

Required slots for martial arts Slide, Suplex, Collapse, Giant Swing listed in our personalities. If you don’t have these abilities, here’s the action skill you’ll need to use in battle to unlock the skill:

  • Puñetazo – Unblock slides.
  • Tumble: Unblock Suplex, Collapse, Giant Swing.

Luego, puedes poner estas 4 habilidades en las artes de habilidad de tus personajes.

Once in battle, the new DSC ability appears, costing 18 WP.

If you want to see the clear guide in video, you can consult this video guide:

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