[Sad news]The writer of “Prince of Tennis” studies that he’s dwelling in a wheelchair → Talking in regards to the indicators from the top of final 12 months …

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“Prince of Tennis” enters new territory once more, and much more unclear wwwwww

“Prince of Tennis” Takeshi Konomi confesses that he has issue strolling.

Tenipuri Tsuyoshi Konomi Visceral System Wheelchair Twitter Tenimyu-related images-02

Takeshi Konomi, the writer of the manga “Prince of Tennis”, up to date his Twitter,He revealed that he lives in a wheelchair.

In addition, along with the report of wheelchair life,A video that seems to have been despatched by the performers of the musical “Prince of Tennis” is posted.

Mr. KonomiOn December 16, 2022, he reported on Twitter that he could be absent from “Jump Festa 2023 Super Stage” (seventeenth and 18th, Makuhari Messe) as a result of poor bodily situation as a result of an inner illness.

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▼ This Twitter put up

▼ Twitter put up on December 16, 2022, reporting sickness of inner organs

Tenipuri Festa in June for the primary time in years…
The final time I noticed it was a bounce machine on the stage?Then, he popped out and everybody sang and danced.
It cannot be helped that such a trainer is in a wheelchair and in shock.

When I used to learn Tenipuri so much, I used to name him “Tashike” and I used to be aware of him.
He additionally performed tennis and was good at singing, so he had a picture of an actual individual.
I’m wondering if it is like recovering from momentary strolling issue.
I hope you might be nicely.

Perhaps as a result of manga artists are well-known, it appears that evidently there are numerous studies of people that die younger from sickness or have well being issues, and I feel that is really true.
I’m simply questioning why there are such a lot of different occupations the place I simply sit on a chair.

I’ve been studying the Jump sequence from the start to the continuing U17 World Championships, and I’ve additionally watched the anime model, so I’m shocked. I hope you possibly can full it safely

Yeah! ?
Konomi are you okay! ? Overcome shortly like Yukimura!

I knew he was sick, however I did not notice he was in a wheelchair.
It’s one in all my favourite manga that I usually cowl on my weblog, so I hope you are doing nicely…
Husband is frustrating Gununu

I all the time suppose that being a manga artist is difficult work…
take care
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded

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