[Sad news]The “voice” of the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba, Giyu Tomioka” is unnaturally reduce…

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“Kimetsu no Yaiba” Giyuu Tomioka’s birthday is ruined?Unnaturally reduce “voice”

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February eighth is the birthday of Giyu Tomioka, the favored character of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. On the day of the occasion, the web was flooded with voices of followers celebrating him, however some are whispering that the voice actor can be modified.

On at the present time, a particular PV commemorating Giyu Tomioka’s birthday was launched on Weekly Shonen Jump’s official YouTube channel.

In addition, ufotable, which handles animation manufacturing, additionally up to date Twitter to coincide with Giyu Tomioka’s birthday.

Naturally, followers despatched voices of pleasure and messages of congratulations,One factor that bothers me is…

Neither video accommodates his voice in any respect, maybe as a result of affect of the adultery scandal by voice actor Takahiro Sakurai, who was the character voice of Giyu Tomioka.

From the followers who seen this, “Why is there no voice? Are you going to alter your voice actor? 》《Unnaturally unvoiced is Mr. Sakurai lastly fired? 》《Why didn’t you place within the voice of the volunteer?》 Are you going to alter it?” A anxious voice stated.

“Speaking of Sakurai, he’s a scandalous voice actor whose 10-year affair was reported final 12 months, and in January of this 12 months, information of a three-pronged affair flew round. , In an on the spot, he was hated and became a voice actor.
However, there isn’t a massive blame on the particular person himself, and the issue of the voice actor leaving the mission stays unsolved. It’s no shock that Sakurai’s subject comes up on Tomioka Giyu’s birthday.” (Entertainment author)

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Sakurai-san, what’s going to occur?

Of course!

I’ve by no means seen Demon Slayer, but when Sakurai Takahiro’s voice instantly modified, Wai can be shocked too.

I’m begging you, please do not change your voice actor

Some folks say that the character and the voice actor don’t have anything to do with one another
As lengthy because the soul is breathed into it

If you alter Tomioka’s voice actor after coming this far, it’ll be a complete waste of cash.

Anyway, wait and see, the 4th season or the film can be continued.
It can even seem in Torikoibe

If you alter your voice, sure, it is only a voice

The swordsmith arc is a severe no-show, so it may be deceived, however what concerning the last battle?

I made it by means of the ultimate episode of Mob Psycho. It was harmful.

I simply had an affair, however why 🤔

Well, it’ll be like this, is not it? Even on the time of Tatsuo Suzuki, he was dropped, so possibly it is higher to not count on a continuation.
Even so, it might be a shock if it actually modified
Yaruo PC sweat thin eyes close

Sakurai-san’s voice actually cannot be changed
Why adultery?
Husband who doesn't do it, man crying

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