[Sad news]The new idol of “Splatoon 3” will become a hot topic if it is not cute…

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First generation Splatoon “Sio Collars”

Image related to Splatoon 3 Idol Surimi Union not cute-02

Splatoon 2 “Tentacles”

Images related to Splatoon 3 Idol Surimi Union not cute-03

Splatoon 3 “Surimi Union”

Images related to Splatoon 3 Idol Surimi Union not cute-04

Images related to Splatoon 3 Idol Surimi Union not cute-05

I don’t know if you’ve considered various things, but it’s terrible

The manta ray in the middle is said to be the cutest

I just saw it for the first time, but it’s so hideous

The black people on the right have a tight dekoppachi

The black one has bald deco and the clothes are too ugly

Yellow is more scary because the balance of the eyes is strange
Like after too much processing

Did Nintendo Succumb to Politics?

Bussa www I’m leaving the community

2 was also terrible
Only one good thing

↑ But 2 black octopuses are deadly popular overseas.

firefly strongest legend

Aori is so cute

Hime had a mascot-like cuteness, so it was still good
The three of us this time are Bakemon

Tentacles was cute

Huh, is everyone unpopular with the surimi union?
Utsuho, isn’t it so cute?

A lot of people say Surimi Union isn’t cute, but aren’t they just cute…? ?

both are cute

Moguri is the one who says that the Surimi Union is not cute…
Look at them, they’re all so cute

I think those who say the surimi union is not cute are young people who don’t understand anything.

The bijuu of 1 and 2 and the neat face are too beautiful, I think that Surimi Union is not so cute…

It’s been 2 days and I’ve calmed down, but the surimi union is still not cute

I think it could have been cuter even with consideration

Yellow already looks like a goblin with just a silhouette
The blue one is a face that seems to be around Monhan Sun Break

Are you a fan of the festival theme? Utsuho faction?
I feel like I can’t choose even if something like this comes

But Mantaro looks the cutest

Mantaro is cute too, isn’t he?

And why moray eels and sharks?
Squid and squid or squid and octopus
Nothing to do with marine life

The left side is still better, but the right side is too bad.
This incident made me hate black people
I was born a black racist because of political correctness, but what do you think about political correctness?

Because politics is discrimination

2 blacks are talented
3 just succumbed to politics

Is there a reason why you can’t be cute?

seems to have no gender

But somehow you’ll get used to it

The people who said that the surimi union was weird were saying that it was weird at first in 2, but they fell in love with it, so I’ll see you again soon.

I love Supra’s character designs that aren’t overly flattering, so I honestly think Surimi Rengo’s visuals are really good.

Well, it’s certainly an exquisite design that’s just barely cute.
Images related to Splatoon 3 Idol Surimi Union not cute-06

Even in Yute 2, it was treated strangely at first, but it became popular.
I feel like my evaluation will change if I become attached to it
Husband who does not think

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