[Sad news]The latest grabo “RTX 4080” will not sell at all even if it starts selling … Is the reason still that?

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Was good. everyone was decent…

If this is the case, I will aim for the next radeon, I guess…

People who can afford 200,000 or more will go to 4090 without hesitation, and people who usually buy 80’s will probably be more cost-conscious to some extent, so they won’t buy a grabo with a price that is over. It’s no surprise that it didn’t sell well.

Well, it does.price is funny

Even if the performance is higher than the 4090, it’s not worth it unless it’s about 200,000 upper limit…
Someone who can afford this amount will add a little and buy 4090

RTX4080 came out, but in the end it won’t sell unless it’s about 150,000.
At least 210,000 is still too high

I’ve only seen the video when it was announced, but it’s not only expensive, but it doesn’t seem to fit in the housing, so I’m going to replace it…

That’s right…(;´∀`)
It’s too expensive and doesn’t feel like a bargain at all…

nightmare price like a gag

The RTX4080, which was released at an angle, is still too expensive to sell
Or rather, people who can afford to spend more than 200,000 yen will probably add a little more money and buy the high-end 4090, and this really has no value…?

Cospa is too bad…
Husband who doesn't do it, man crying

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