[Sad news]The highly rated ADV “Return to Shironagasu Island” on Steam, the original version developer test-played the switch version just before the release, but it was too bad for the porting company

from Twitter

“Return to Shironagasu Island” is scheduled to be released for Nintendo Switch on November 17th.

When Mr. Onimushi Hyogo, who developed the original version, played the completed Switch version, it turned out that there were many problems and unreproduced states left unresolved.(* room6 was in charge of porting)

the author is mad

did this really happen

It’s too dangerous for the original author to express such criticism in transplanting…

what the hell.I’m sad that I’ve already reserved the Switch version

It’s not a level that you can’t notice in test play, so you can see the bad habit of the sales side that “just take it out for the time being and patch it”.
I wouldn’t have commented if it wasn’t pointed out.

I feel sorry for the creators… This is probably or almost certainly the development is aware of the bugs, but I wonder if they’re going to release it as it is and fix it with an update. It’s too cold, isn’t it?

I have already purchased the DL version…

It seems that the fucking pub, which depends on the name value of the work and does not fulfill its responsibility or role with its sloppy work, is still alive and well.

I bought the DL version of Switch…
I’ll keep it up until the fix update comes, but it’s a terrible story (´-ω-`)

I don’t know about this game, but just reading about it makes me realize how terrible it is…

I regretted returning to the PC version just because I didn’t want to remove my Ring Fit card, but it was the right decision.

I was excited to get the Gamers limited edition tomorrow, but this is terrible…

It looks like it’s pretty terrible to be told by the original author that it can’t be recommended
How much sloppy work did room6 do?
I was looking forward to it with a CV, but let’s put it to sleep for a while

I played the Switch version of Kurafan, but…

It would be nice if it could be fixed with a DAY1 patch, but I don’t want it to lose its reputation because it was so good before the porting.

This is too hard…

If you play the completed Switch version, are you angry that it wasn’t ported properly at all…
Recently, there are many game companies who take the attitude of “I’ll release it for now, let them buy it, and then patch it.”

I’d be sad and angry if a game I put my heart into making was treated like this, even though the Switch version was released so many people could play it…
Husband who does not sit down tears

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