[Sad news]The anime “Drop Kick on My Goddess” has become a local PR animation, and the phrase “Yuyuta” appears and it gets rough

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the beginning of the end

I missed you, evil god

What are you doing Yuyuuta?
No, Evil God-chan is bad.

Jashin-chan, I collaborated with Yuyu
I won’t see you anymore

I don’t understand the meaning of Yuyuta going out to Jashin-chan and being devastated. Jashin-chan was originally that kind of anime.

Yuyuta Jashin-chan’s appearance makes the otaku go mad, but the lines are mobs!
If I appear as Yuyuta, I’ll go mad, but is it that mad?

Reciprocate Kurafan

Jashin-chan Dropkick Yuyuta Local PR animation Image related to criticism-02

↑ Is there such a thing?

There are a lot of disgusting mobs looking at the camera in the main story.
Kurafan is really tight

If it’s a privilege, yeah
If not, I’m really shocked

I wasn’t a fan
Yusa’s voice actor seems to have cast

Jashin-chan Dropkick Yuyuta local PR animation image related to criticism-03

↑ Ah

It ends with a freaking grass

I have no complaints if I invest and perform, but this is not

Hey privilege! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Ah, ah! ! ! ! !

The flow changed

I was looking forward to it every week but it’s withering away
Why would you put out this kind of YouTuber?

Yuyuta is amazing in a way, even though he just appeared as Mob

By the way, the funniest thing is not Yuyuta, but Yadou Yuki, who invests and does mobs.

It’s a Super Cub person

This anime is cooperating with the local government to produce a sequel, so it can’t be helped to some extent to promote it locally.
The local edition was subtle and I was fed up with three episodes in a row, so Yuyuuta was thrown in.
It seems that the dissatisfaction is finally becoming apparent, and the next time will be the local edition
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

Let’s go back to Jimbocho…
I want to see the Jinbocho version of Di Gi Charat Jashin-chan…
Husband sadness one hand tears

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