[Sad news]Square enix “Babylon’s Fall” to end service in February 2023

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Notice of termination of BABYLON’S FALL service

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Thank you for always using “BABYLON’S FALL”.

This time,“BABYLON’S FALL” will be discontinued at 16:00 on Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

The development and operation team sincerely apologize for the sudden notice to our customers who have been patronizing us on a daily basis.

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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Oh! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 😭
Was it difficult to rebuild?

What are you saying?
Season 3 hasn’t started yet…
tell me it’s a lie…
I’m against service termination.
It hasn’t even been 5 years yet…

I knew

I bought it at full price…
Ending in 1 year… there’s such a thing

Fur wwwwwww
The download version reservation is the strongest, so I’m eating it, really

If it was basic free or middle price, the damage on the user side would have been a little better.

The square enix game won’t end soon

Looking at this, I think again that 10 years of ff11, 14, DQ10 is amazing (including name value)

thank you for your hard work

Ah… so this is how it ended up…

Well, you expected it…the first trailer was good…thank you for your hard work


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