[Sad news]”Splatoon 3″ There are too many kids, and “cheating” is proudly introduced as “money policy” and becomes popular

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splatoon 3

splatoon 3

splatoon 3

Because young people these days are like this,


Safe because each one is a war criminal

Recruiting people who can earn this money from 8 o’clock
Please reply with @5!

i want to try it lol

It’s become like Pokemon crap even in Splatoon

i want to do this

I want to do this, so please let someone in

Money-poor people do this

Someone to do this with!smile
money! I want it! !

I want to do this endlessly

This is @3! ! ! ask! ! !
You really won’t have to worry about money! ! !

I want to do this so someone~

I want to make a disco mackerel that gathers people who do this

I’ll do this from now Join @6
You can get 5,000 to 10,000 yen per match.

Anyone who can?
i want to do this

From 21:00 to about 5

I want to try it once lol
Lack of money squid and octopus gather w

I want to make money with this when I get home

Even malicious summary sites introduce this method

splatoon 3

splatoon 3


This is a splendid act of abuse.
Why is no one paying attention?

As you get older, you will avoid playing in a way that shortens the expiration date of this kind of content yourself.
There is fun and joy in what is born when you work part-time with your friends and play open matches while saying that you don’t have money.
Because of this, after accumulating tens of millions of dollars, there is nothing at the end.

Isn’t it a level where management moves to countermeasures?
If this kind of thing becomes popular, you’ll be able to detect the anomaly in the log immediately.

Is this a good thing to do? ?
Isn’t it the same as Epee’s teaming? I’ve been participating since 3, so I don’t know the criteria…

I don’t know about Splatoon, but is this a discussion?

Abuse… let’s stop!

absolutely no

As expected, this is an act of abuse…

Splatoon 3 money schemes that are flowing into TL now… It’s a normal act of abuse, isn’t it…

This is a normal collusion, but is it okay?

Splatoon 3’s money earning abuse act is growing and laughable
This is also leveraged

Familiarity? I thought, but it’s illegal, or it’s not the original game, so it’s abusive… I’m a human being who entered this game, so it’s no good from a gamer’s point of view! I’m just saying that, but… how is it…

Introducing rigging like a trick is the best Splatoon

I wonder if the concepts of collusion and teaming have not penetrated Splatoon so much?

What is Abuse [単語記事] – Niconico Encyclopedia

“Abuse” means “to abuse (ability)” or “to abuse” in English.

In this section, I will explain abuse behavior in the genre of FPS/TPS.

Simply put, match-fixing.

As a specific example, unilateral orAcquire a large amount of experience points and points by repeatedly earning kills/deaths alternately and intentionally repeating matches that end in a short timeand so on.

For players who are unrelated and are aiming for interpersonal battles, the gameplay is significantly impaired. If you hesitate without knowing your intentions, you will think that you have been obstructed by the abusive side, and you will be FF (abbreviation for friendly fire. Friendly fire) all at once, and will even be falsely accused of abusive acts.

If this situation is left unchecked, “one person can have multiple accounts and manipulate the battlefield to the advantage of a certain player,” or “resell the data and cards that have accumulated points.”The management side also pays close attention to abuses, as malicious people may appear.

Absolutely no abuse! This is rigging and cheating!
Follow the rules and enjoy the game! Don’t do this!

Well, the splat kids don’t know about it, so it can’t be helped, but if you play an online battle game like this normally, it’s illegal.
You know right away, right? I wonder if someone who has never played a game is writing an article to introduce such a thing? (smile)


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