[Sad news]”Splatoon 3″, reports of encounters with cheetahs are already being reported…

from Twitter

too cute

Shooting missiles from Armored Core

Even a normal Marmisa would die, but if you do something like this, turn off the Switch

Do you enjoy doing this? ( ̄▽ ̄;)

What’s the fun in fighting like this?
It’s like saying I can only do this because I’m weak…

Can’t you cheat on the switch too… it’s too bad

Even I, a variable user who has been shooting Marmisa for many years, has never shot this amount of Marmisa lol

Splatoon 3’s Cheetah, if you go to Salmon Run, no one will be sad, right? ? ? (great reasoning)

Splatoon 3 automatically saves the game, so it’s easy to report

splatoon 3 cheetah grass
You can enjoy it even if you use such game cheats

I don’t think the official is silent, and I’m sure they’ll take measures.
cheat no
It’s a large content and I think you can do something about it…

If you think it’s better than an infinite nice ball…Is it impossible?

If you do this, I’ll break the monitor

Is Cheetah even in Splatoon 3?
What’s so fun about this?I think, but maybe he enjoys harassing people…
yaruo pc sadness sorrow

Implementing the replay function is really a wise decision… Please Nintendo
Husband who does not do angry trembling

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