[Sad news]Sony sells recreation software program bought to PC customers for 6000 yen to PS customers for 8700 yen…

PS homeowners ought to pay extra for video games than PC gamers, Sony believes

PS PC Sony Price Image related to The Last of Us-02

PS5 The Last of Us Part 1 is among the most profitable remakes of all time, however many followers complained in regards to the excessive price ticket. That’s as a result of it was priced at $69.99 (about ¥9,560)/€79.99 (about ¥11,520), which is changing into the trade normal.

The PC model will probably be launched on March 3, 2023,Noteworthy is the valueis.

The PC model was solely $49.99 (about 6830 yen) / 59.99 euros (about 8640 yen), which was a discount of $20/20 euros in comparison with the PS5 model.

On the abroad bulletin board resetera, a thread stating that “PS players need to pay more money for Sony games than PC players” is attracting consideration.

PS5 model value(The picture is the value in Japan)

PC model value(The picture is the value in Japan)

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PC avid gamers are particular

Mr. Sony who is filled with loyal followers w

Sony: “I’m an enthusiastic fan who buys PS5, so there’s no problem even if it’s expensive. You guys should buy it anyway.”

The PC model will probably be launched half a 12 months later, so it is no shock!

↑Isn’t it higher to proceed to carry Sony’s shoulders like that?

After beta testing on PS5, when the long-awaited PC model comes out with none issues

It’s the identical software program, however the PC model is $50 and the PS model is $70.Are you speaking about…
Are PS customers being underestimated, or is there another cause?
Yaruo PC serious face sweat

Well, there are occasions when you may get the software program cheaper on the PC model.
However, if Sony begins doing this, it appears that evidently extra individuals will say, “The full model will probably be launched on PC anyway, and the PC model is cheaper, so that you want a PS5.”
Husband who doesn't do it, denial, sweat

[PS5]The Last of Us Part I[CERO Rating “Z”]

Release date: 2022-09-02
Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Category: Video video games
Sales Rank: 1010

[PS5]God of War Ragnarok[CERO rating “Z”]

Release date: 2022-11-09
Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Category: Video video games
Sales Rank: 215


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