[Sad news]Smartphone sport “Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE” to finish service Only one and a half years after launch

■ From Twitter

“Code Geass Genesic Re;CODE” will finish its service at 15:00 on Thursday, April 27, 2023.

e? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Uwaaaaa (crying)

It’s too early, is not it?

To be sincere, it wasn’t that humorous…
I did not allow you to go to KMF in any respect
Thank you in your exhausting work

When I noticed that battle display screen, I believed it would not final lengthy.

I’m sorry.
If doable, I would love you to have the ability to see my room after the service ends.

It may be troublesome to develop a number of apps with the identical title.
good job for at the moment

good job for at the moment.
As a Geass fan, I’ll get pleasure from it to the tip.

Smartphone video games are getting shorter and shorter… I hope Lost does not comply with go well with…

The illustration appears to be good, so please ship me a group of setting supplies…
Husband who doesn't do it, man crying

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