[Sad news]PS5 remodeling machine will finally be born … Overseas users succeed in hacking → How to install “that game” will be released

PS5 appears to be jailbroken

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According to the article

PlayStation 5 has been jailbrokenIt seems

・Lance McDonald, a Twitter user who is famous for creating mods, posted a video of a jailbroken PS5.in the pictureHow to install PKG file for PS4was reflecting

・According to a source on Insider Gaming, an overseas site, the successful jailbreak is “true.”howeverRequires older version (v4.03) of PS5And it doesn’t seem like a complete jailbreak.However, in the future, some hackers may break through the security of the current model.

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I installed PT immediately and grass

come oh oh oh oh

Sony Owata

You have to avoid updates to jailbreak…the distribution of pirated software doesn’t progress…

Are you serious···
cfw was raging on the PSP, but please don’t let that reappear…
Yaruo Tears Dova

I didn’t hear much about PS4 because I was working hard on countermeasures
I pray that it will continue to weather like this…
Husband who doesn't do it

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