[Sad news]PS4 / Xbox / Switch “Tales of Symphonia Remaster” turned out to be fixed at 30fps, flooded with criticism overseas that it is degraded from the 60fps of the GC version

Tales of Symphonia fans disappointed remake is 30fps
Was mostly 60fps on GameCube.


According to the article

GameCube’s classic RPG Tales of Symphonia is getting a re-release on modern consoles, but fans are disappointed that it’s stuck at 30fps.

The GameCube version of “Sinfonia” was expressed at almost 60fps (world map only 30fps)

This new remastered version achieves 1080p/30fps on three platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fans believe the issue stems from the fact that Symphonia, which will be updated in this remaster, is not the original GameCube version.

・The port of the PS2 version included a lot of additional content, but it was fixed at 30fps.

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