[Sad news]”Pokemon Violet” Metascore drops to 72 factors … Updated the bottom rating within the Pokemon important sequence Lower score than that BDSP

Pokemon Violet is now the lowest-rated important Pokemon recreation on Metacritic


According to the article

Pokemon Violet at present has the bottom Metascore of any important recreation within the historical past of the Pokemon sequence.

The metascore of “Pocket Monster Violet” is 72 factors on the time of writing the article, and one other model of “Pocket Monster Scarlet” is 73 factors.



This would not essentially imply Scarlett is healthier, most critics got one model to overview, so I feel the typical overview for every title simply occurred to be that means.

Violet’s rating of 72 factors means it falls in need of the lowest-rated Pokemon recreation up to now, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (each variations have a Metascore of 73).

・Although “Scarlet Violet” is provided with many new options which can be mentioned to additional evolve the Pokemon sequence,It has been criticized for having many efficiency points on the time of its launch.

Pokemon Main Game Metascore Ranking

1st place “X・Y” 87 & 88 factors
2nd place “Heart Gold Soul Silver” 87 factors
third place “Black and White” 87 factors
4th place “Sun Moon” 87 factors
fifth place “Diamond Pearl” 85 factors
sixth place “Ultra Sun Ultra Moon” 84 factors
seventh place “Platinum” 83 factors
eighth place “Pokemon LEGENDS Arceus” 83 factors
ninth place “Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire” 83 & 82 factors
tenth place “Fire Red Leaf Green” 82 factors
eleventh place “Ruby Sapphire” 82 factors
twelfth place “Black 2 / White 2” 80 factors
thirteenth place “Let’s Go! Pikachu/Let’s Go! Eevee” 80 factors
14th place “Sword Shield” 80 factors
fifteenth place “Emerald” 76 factors
sixteenth place “Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl” 73 factors
seventeenth place “Scarlet Violet” 72 & 73 factors

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