[Sad news]Pokemon collaboration festival of “Splatoon 3”, “blue ink” is too hard to see and it goes up in flames! “Color blindness support has the opposite effect” “The difference between advantages and disadvantages depending on the color is too big. Damn”

In conclusion
This festival is pretty shit

It’s night, so it’s super advantageous to the water team
I seriously can’t see the water team’s splashes

Even if you turn on color blindness support
It’s hard to see each other because it’s cold color vs. cold color

The flame team has a warm color, so it is easy to see even at night.
insanely disadvantageous

at the time of color


Kusa group “I can’t see the blue ink”

Honoha “I can’t see the blue ink”

Mizu school “I can’t see the blue ink”

Like this


amiibo triple set[インクリング【イエロー】/オクトリング【ブルー】/コジャケ](Splatoon series)
2.8 out of 5 stars

amiibo ink ring[yellow](Splatoon series)
1.0 out of 5 stars

amiibo Octoling[Blue](Splatoon series)
No reviews

Reactions to this article

Mizu team victory confirmed

Mizuha “Mizurai”
Kusa school “grass”
Honoha “Enjouya”

I didn’t choose my camp for the sake of the ink advantage.
It may be very unpleasant for other camps to think so

Isn’t water ink too advantageous?
Let’s keep this ink! Who decided?
too bad

Blue ink everyone! blue ink!muttering
It’s about the Warhol article!
So cute
And this time Supra Fes Mizuha blue ink
I really can’t see 💥

Those who say they can’t see the blue ink in the water
Cuban bomb with white ink from previous chicken and mayonnaise
Did you forget that you couldn’t see it at all?

After one game, it’s too hard to see the blue ink
I thought, “This is a bad guy…”
When I looked it up on Twitter, everyone was thinking the same thing.


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