[Sad news]New high-end controller for PS5 “DualSense Edge” (30,000 yen including tax), reservation starts but sold out immediately

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The new controller “DualSense Edge” for PS5 will be released on January 26, 2023!A high-end product of 30,000 yen including tax that can be customized

Sony store started accepting reservations for “DualSense Edge”, but it was sold out immediately. Currently “backordered”-GAME Watch

DualSenceEdge Pre-order Sold out Image related to Sony-02

Sony has started accepting reservations for the PlayStation 5 controller “DualSense Edge Wireless Controller” on October 25th at the official mail order site “Sony Store”.

“DualSense Edge Wireless Controller” is a controller that adds a customization function to “DualSense” attached to PS5.

Reservations have been accepted at electronics retailers and mail order sites since October 25th, and the Sony store also set a purchase limit of one item per person, but it was sold out immediately. The current status is “backordered”.

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prey to resellers

It seems that there are many rich people

I wonder if most of them were taken by resellers.
It’s not a limited quantity item, so there’s no need to rush.

too early

Well, I can’t buy the main unit in the first place, but buhehe

If you don’t get rid of it seriously soon, the customers will really disappear

I’m going to be swearing, but is it SONY that anyone can make a reservation even though the supply is low?
Return of Xony

Even if it’s so expensive, will it sell out? Everyone is rich

you see
I can’t buy it after all

I can’t get it after all

New high-end DualSense, is it serious that the reservation was killed instantly…
There are people who are definitely buying this
yaruo pc sadness sorrow

Isn’t it normal to not be able to buy Sony game products anymore?

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