[Sad news]Mr. Sukueni, the “search suggestion candidate” turns into horrible because of the rush of kusoge and the tip of Soshage…


“Kusoge” “Owakon” “Stock price” “Sahu”

*Current inventory value

Square Enix(2023-01-24T00:00:01Z)
3.2 out of 5 stars

Reactions to this text

too merciless

Harvestera was good

hmm this

↑ Origin is a uncommon Ryosaku lately

I feel it is higher to place out the sq. system
The Enix system just isn’t concerned with CS, and the publicity is skinny

No matter how a lot I preserve enjoying fucking video games
Square enix that has an excessive amount of legacy to break down
too sturdy

If we merge as soon as once more, will probably be okay


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