[Sad news]Mr. Kensho Ono, the function of Harry Potter who performs “Hogwarts Legacy” reside, is confused by the sudden questions from the viewers! that is wwwwww

I’m watching Hanae-san’s second Hogwarts Legacy stream.

Hana: “I’ve a query for you.
“Kensho Ono, you know a lot about Harry Potter, don’t you?”

Ken “…? Yes”

Hana: There was a query, “Why?”

Ken: “Because it’s Harry!!!!!💢 Because it’s Harry!!!!💢”

is difficult to come back on to the stomach muscle groups

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Reactions to this text

Well, in case you see Harry in Radcliffe’s voice, that is what occurs…
No manner the distributor (if you do not know the voice actor)
I do not suppose you are doing well-known dubbing…

Akan actually laughs abdomen hurts www

But I additionally do not normally watch international movies dubbed.
I just lately came upon that Ono-san is Harry

Is it a joke
It’s laborious to inform if she’s a younger woman who just lately began liking Kensho-kun…w

Perhaps the picture of kids today is
It’s Mufti, not Harry! ?

It’s been almost 12 years because the launch date of the ultimate film (July 2011)…
But I’ve recognized Daniel for over 20 years.
Only Kensho-san can say “I’ve been dubbing for 20 years” lol

To Tomokazu Sugita
“Why do you know so much about Yuichi Nakamura?”
It’s like asking! (Answer: Because it is Sugita)


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