[Sad news]Masterpiece MMO “Fantasy Earth Zero” (FEZ) to end service on September 29, 15 years of history

FEZ is an MMO action RPG for PC released by Square Enix.

Mainly 50 vs 50 large-scale PvP, which was rare at the time

It was a fairly popular MMO, partly because it was basically free to play.

Thank you for your hard work. I have enjoyed it for many years. Thank you very much. Let me enjoy the rest.

I’m sad because I had a lot of fun with myself
The system is good, so I think it can still be good if the graphics are remade.
Is the charge too conscientious to collect?

It was an online game dedicated to youth
I loved it. thank you for 15 years

I didn’t do it recently, but I used to do it without sleeping a few years ago.
Personally, I wanted to enjoy the war with the country on my back, but the battlefield for the sake of the score spread and I couldn’t accept it, so I stopped entering.

Thank you for your hard work in operation for 15 years.
Thank you for the many encounters and memories.

FEZ was my first online game! I’ve been playing for close to 5-6 years and often spent more than 12 hours a day. It’s my youth
Thank you very much 😊 It was a lot of fun!

i run a bank

Chestnut stand @ 10

night out

I remember chatting with
thank you for your hard work···

You’re a character who can become invisible, and you were just hunting low-level chestnuts like a bank employee…

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