[Sad news]”Love Live! ]The number of love lovers who order special goods at collaboration cafes and return home without touching the food has increased, and the official complains → Some people criticize the store, “Don’t do it at random.”

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Random is dangerous VS Leftovers are dangerous Fight!

Companies do not study. How lengthy have you ever been doing the identical

The retailer aspect must also study sloppily. There can be no extra idiots.

I hate individuals who waste meals

Isn’t it shit that you just order meals as a serious premise and do not eat it?

“Let’s leave it, but sales won’t change.” → Although it depends upon the content material of the contract with the contractor, if the quantity of waste disposal will increase, the processing request charge will improve and the revenue will lower.

Even if they are saying they’re disqualified as Love Livers, in the event that they’re resellers, it will not harm or itch, and so they’re resellers, proper?

What are you speaking about when the prizes are random or prey on clients?

Nothing has modified because the days of Bikkuriman Choco.

No matter the way you take a look at it, it is dangerous manners on the aspect of finishing up limited-time random prizes.

Liver has been doing numerous issues from the start…

It’s okay to take it residence

Let’s assume somewhat in regards to the worth of meals, when you’re a standard sense particular person

If you ordered it, I believe you must eat it. It’s no good when you waste meals…

unhappy and extra embarrassing

Are there clients who solely order and do not eat to be able to get the one they need from the bonus bromide on the Christmas menu?
It’s inconceivable for me to go residence with out touching the meals I ordered…

I perceive the opinion that it is higher to not do it randomly as a result of it should be like this, however why are there people who find themselves offended as if the shop is 100% at fault?
Husband who doesn't do it

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