[Sad news]Key’s Jun Maeda has deleted his Twitter account.

from Twitter

The Twitter account of Jun Maeda, a state of affairs author who has labored on quite a few screenplays for “Key”, has been deleted.

Key Heaven Burns Red Account Image related to Jun Maeda-02

It has been identified that this can be because of consumer dissatisfaction with the brand new state of affairs of the favored recreation “Heaven Barns Red” at present being serviced.

Key Heaven Burns Red Account Image related to Jun Maeda-03

Key Heaven Burns Red Account Images related to Jun Maeda-04

Jun Maeda deleted his account once more

Did you recuperate mentally with Hebbang?

Oh, you are simply being egotistical and spat by yourself w

It appears more healthy not to take a look at Twitter

It appears that the state of affairs was criticized by most of the people

typical menhera

If you check out the sport’s thread, they’re discussing the best way to get together with Menhera.
what sort of relationship

Why do you take a look at impressions despite the fact that this individual is straightforward to spat out?

Well, in the event you say it is too delicate and too troublesome, you are proper, nevertheless it’s that type of mentality that makes me really feel like I’ve been in a position to do all my work to this point.

I nonetheless perceive if the primary story is unpopular, however ought to I delete it as a result of the occasion is unpopular?
Well, ought to I delete it earlier than…

I’m wondering if the consumer’s voice to Hebbang was fairly a shock?
I’m positive this has occurred earlier than, man…

At the start of the Hevbang service, it was properly acquired and I used to be so pleased…
I would like you to do your finest with confidence with out worrying about SNS voices
Husband who does not sit down tears

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