[Sad news]It turns out why PS5 is in short supply in Japan! →Because Japan has become 〇〇

Why Japan’s “ground subsidence” in the background (Naruhiro Kawamura)-Individual-Yahoo! News

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The price of Sony’s home game machine “PlayStation (PS) 5” will be raised by about 5500 yen (about 10%) from September 15th. Consumers hate price increases, but regarding the PS5 price increase,On the Internet, opinions with a harsh tone such as “Japan’s disrespect” are lined up one after another. Why are they being criticized so much?

While the global game market is growing steadily,The home video game console market in Japan continues to peak, and the value of the Japanese market is declining.That’s it.

According to the Sony Group’s financial results, the company’s game business had sales of 700 billion yen in fiscal 2012, and about 2.7 trillion yen in fiscal 2021, which is about four times as much. It far exceeds Nintendo’s sales (sales of about 1.7 trillion yen in 2021).Even with Japan’s downturn, Sony’s gaming business is growing at an astonishing pace.

In other words, when looking at the numbers (financial results), it is doubtful whether the opinions that “prioritize the Japanese market” and “Japan is special” are appropriate.That’s it.

Of course, speaking only of my personal feelings,I think that “I want you to give priority to the Japanese market”. However, it means “disregard the growing overseas market”.Ultimately, there must be a feeling somewhere in Japan that looks down on other countries and regions, saying that “Japan is special and different from other countries.”Even though the numbers (data) show Japan’s downfall, the feeling of treating one’s own country as something special can be called a “serious illness.”I can’t.

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I know the market is small
It’s not an excuse not to circulate

Even overseas people are complaining about the price increase

The Switch sells like crazy, so this reasoning is ridiculous

It’s amazing how PS is falling in Japan
On the one hand, the best-selling game in Japan’s history, and on the other hand, the million-selling classic Monster Hand Quest FF is far from impossible.
FF has reached the point where it’s possible that it’ll drop out of Million soon.

Well, it’s just that I can’t do what the Switch can do
I understand if every manufacturer says they can’t sell it in Japan.

I’ve decided not to buy it anymore, so I don’t mind if you just raise the price Don’t care, garbage station

The PlayStation has already disappeared
If home video games are unified by Nintendo, you can buy just one game machine.

Has the country (Japan) escaped to a bad theory?
It’s really a stalemate PlayStation power

It’s true that it’s one of the markets that sells considerably even if it’s ruined

If you say no to losing the Japanese market completely, then what?
I completely lost to Nintendo in Japan.

Well, if Mr. Playstation likes it, Japan has already moved to Switch and gaming PCs
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Just… stop monopolizing the game, okay?
It’s a game console that no one can buy, and it would be a problem if it was released, and it would be a loss for the game industry.
Husband who does not do counter front

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Shaka, a famous game distributor, said, “I wish I could play everything on my PC, but PlayStation and Switch’s ‘exclusive titles’ are really garbage. Get dirty.” 

Even the switch has a monopoly! Smash Bros. and Splatoon!
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It’s better than not being able to buy it, you can buy a Switch! I can’t buy it, but I’m telling you to monopolize it!

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