[Sad news]It turns out that 70% of 5G smartphone users use the same way as when using 4G smartphones

70% of 5G smartphone users cannot feel the big difference between 5G and 4G, according to MM Research Institute – iPhone Wired

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On September 27, MM Research Institute announced the results of the “5G smartphone usage and service survey”. The survey was conducted in July 2022 with 40,021 mobile phone users.

When asked about services that smartphone users use at least once a week, 47.6% of 5G smartphone users answered “downloading videos and playing streaming”, followed by “downloading apps (34.0%)”, ” Downloading and streaming music (26.2%)”.

When 5G smartphone users were asked if there were any services that they used more than once a week with 5G communication in mind, 69.0% said, “There are no services or functions that I used with particular awareness. ”is doing.

again,When 4G smartphone users were asked about the services they would like to use with 5G communication, 48.8% answered, “There are no services or functions that I particularly want to use.”.

The top 5G services that 5G smartphone users have used so far are “downloading videos and playing streaming” at 41.7%, followed by “downloading apps (26.4%)” and “downloading and streaming music”. Regeneration (25.1%)”.

The top 5G communication services that 4G smartphone users want to use in the future are “downloading videos and playing streaming” at 55.6%, followed by “downloading and streaming music (29.0%)” and “downloading apps (26.0%)”. It has become.

5G high-speed, large-capacity communication is expected to make viewing video content more comfortable.The actual usage at the moment is far from the expectationIt seems

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I don’t think so


Unlike millimeter waves, 5G’s original high-capacity high-speed communication is not possible with Sub6 waves, and the Wi-Fi environment has become quite well-developed, so there is not much need to use 5G lines that consume a lot of battery power.

Belatedly, I changed my home Wi-Fi to “Wi-Fi6”. Very comfortable.
And outside the house, 4G is quite comfortable. I would rather turn off 5G.
I don’t think we really need 5G.

e? I’m vaccinated, so if it’s 5G, it’s good to connect. This is how my hair is freaking out.

After all, just because they have a 5G smartphone, does that mean that there are no people who use it to make the most of it?
The manufacturer is 5G!I was really appealing, but honestly, it may not matter to general users.
Yaruo PC serious face sweat

Well, I’m a hikinito who doesn’t leave the house, so I don’t use my smartphone outside, and neither 4G nor 5G matters.
Husband who does Husband who does not pick nose

useless guy

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