[Sad news]It is said that “the end of the game machine era” because PS5 has become Owakon … to the era of PC games

[Economy 24:00]PC popularity hits directly with “PlayStation 5” price hike Sony’s game business at a turning point-Sankei News

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Sony Group’s game machine “PlayStation (PS) 5” has been raised.

This autumn, there have been a series of price increases centered on eating out and food products, and price increases themselves are not uncommon.

In a situation where it is not available to those who want it due to shortagePrice hikes are the ‘worst time’It can be said.

Pointed out that fans are leavingIt has been done, and even at “Tokyo Game Show 2022” held in September

The momentum of the PS camp was not good enough.insteadPersonal computer (PC) games had a strong presence.

Pointing out ‘the end of the game machine era’There are voices to

Sony’s game business is at a turning pointI’m on my way.

“Worst Timing”

In Japan, PS5, which was released on November 12, 2020,Although two years have passed since its release,

Situation where customers are still unable to purchase satisfactorily at storesIt is continuing.

The main factor is the delay in production due to the global shortage of semiconductors, but most of the limited production volume

The influence of distribution to Europe and the United States, which has become the main market for games, is also significant.

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Let’s distract
It is meaningless to raise the price due to shortage

It’s time for PC

It’s over

Could PS5 be the last PlayStation?

The price hike went completely wrong

I can finally do it

I don’t have a game…

Grass that was unpopular even at the Tokyo Game Show

PS5 dissed on terrestrial broadcasting
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↑ This is really without exaggeration

↑ Owakon TV looks great
You guys are getting thrown away because you don’t have any programs to watch.

It’s not about Switch or PC, but somehow it self-destructed on its own.

The result of continuing to pile up bad moves
There is no scene where the judgment was really good

Shortage x price increase = stupid (laughs)
Sleeping for the rest of my life in a lottery prize case at a second-hand store (laughs)

Hard defeated by a reseller
I swear I won’t buy it again

I don’t want to sell it, so no

Sorry, PS5 has Amongus and Photona?
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↑Smartphone game…

↑ They weren’t really asking for better graphics.

Even Sony believers were amazed at the situation.

I couldn’t buy it, and the price was raised
good on pc

The media don’t write articles like that anymore.
Let’s say that the negative topic of PS5 is more in demand

Potential customers flowed to PCs when I was doing a shortage of products

Why can’t we supply? Isn’t the shortage of semiconductors almost solved already?

Is it just because Japan was abandoned?

A mysterious existence that is not sold anywhere but is often seen in the news

If you look at PS5 sales, it’s amazing
You just threw it away from the Japanese market.

You guys are playing PS5, but can you say the same thing in front of users who are playing happily like this?
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PS5 sales game machine demise Owakon PC game Gaming PC Image related to Geha-09

↑ Small screen w

↑Is this fake?What’s wrong with this placement

There is also a voice pointing out “the end of the game machine era”
↑Only Sony ends

If you have a PC, you don’t really need a PlayStation
The switch is also covered with dust.

I think it’s more correct to say that PS self-destructed rather than PC popularity

Is it over or has it not started?

The PS5 is selling so well, why is it being criticized?

↑Is there a reason why you don’t hit Japan when you disrespect it?
Enough with this
Support Nintendo!

Unprecedented mysterious hardware that raises the price even though it is not sold
I’m fine with just a switch

Sony is from the Liberal Democratic Party
I hate Japanese people too much

What is Owakon?Sony was ranked 1st or 2nd in sales in the game business, but it should have been higher than Nintendo.

I really stopped hearing the word PS5 itself
There was a bit of a topic when the price was raised, but I feel that everyone has lost interest.

Return the decision button to the Japanese and hate companies

↑ It’s not a Japanese company anymore.

sony is stupid
Enter the same market as PC and die as expected

gamepass is awesome
PS Plus has no future, so I want to buy a box as soon as possible

Even though there is no game that can not be bought, the demand for PC increased due to price increase and death
You have too little commercial sense

Cod will be monopolized!go crazy
I’m trying to file a lawsuit here and there.

↑It’s disgusting and no one is against it other than the same people in the UK

If you can’t buy it when you want it, the heat will cool down
I’m gonna do it

I’m afraid it’s not sold yet
Is the production line stopped?

As for Japan, I think it’s really over.In the first place, there was almost no play versus software, and the PS4 didn’t reach 10 million, and it was on the verge of slowing down.

The scariest thing is not knowing what sony is thinking
There is a fear like when you see a dementia old man who repeats incomprehensible words and actions

I don’t think it’s okay to release a ps5 exclusive title.

Although resale is the main content?

A game machine that even believers didn’t buy

I think most of the friends I bought were always on apex and there was a point in buying them.

Until now and from now on, hit Nintendo to escape reality

People who want to play high-end games are playing games on PC
Switch is enough for the light layer, and who needs it?

Fu, don’t be kidding! You guys are making fun of the PS5!
Don’t write such a negative article! PS5 is from now on! Don’t underestimate me, you idiots! !

Hmm, by the way… have you played games on PS5 recently?

Shut up shut up shut up yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah !

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