[Sad news]iPhone14 Pro has a problem that 〇〇 cannot be used because the camera is too big

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Reported that the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera protrusion is too large to fit in the wireless charger – iPhone Wired

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iPhone14 ProThe camera protrusion is even larger than the iPhone 13 Pro series,Too big to fit in a Qi wireless chargerThere was a report that

“When the iPhone 14 Pro is placed on a vertical charger, the charging lamp blinks, which is a signal that it is not charging.” the device will fall off the stand.”has been reported.

As of now, the Apple team does not appear to be officially aware of this issue.

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grass with flaws

wow this is terrible

Apple “I’ve made it impossible to use anything other than genuine products (grinning)”. I have no intention of buying an iPhone, so I don’t know.

In addition to normal wireless charging, MagSafe charging may also be ❌ depending on the product.
My Belkin guy was fine.

Appeal to buy a new wireless charger in consideration of the environment

It sticks out too much
it doesn’t look good

Shouldn’t the design be changed soon? If the camera gets any bigger than this, it won’t be fashionable… w

Wouldn’t it be better to align the whole with the lens and make it thicker?

I’m glad I didn’t make it Pro ~ ww
I wasn’t sure which way to go, so it was dangerous…

this of this
Even Magsafe sticks to it if you choose carefully

This is really stupid
I hate the idea of ​​camera evolution = smartphone evolution

Is this an Apple issue?

I’m fine with the iPhone Camera Pro. Name…
why did you get so big
yaruo pc joy laughter

Wouldn’t it be possible to attach and detach only the protrusion of the camera as an option?
Husband who does not do white eyes

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