[Sad news]In the BPO mission of “Witch of Mercury”, “Absurd and inappropriate depiction of the main character’s robot crushing humans with his hands”

The 253rd Committee on Broadcasting and Youth | BPO | Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization |

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The committee member in cost reported on the viewers’ opinions acquired throughout the month from the second half of December to the primary half of January.

Regarding the ultimate scene of the serial animation program,
“There is an outline of the enemy’s human being crushed by the enormous hand of the fight robotic on which the hero rides, and at the moment, contemporary blood spreads and the heroine is hit by an arm separated from the crushed human. I believe

“I watched it as a child in elementary school, but the scene was so shocking that both myself and the child were stunned and speechless.”

“There was no announcement about the cruel image during the broadcast or the notice. I think that it is a very inappropriate image expression for the broadcast at this time (starting at 5:00 pm on Sunday).”

And so on.

The committee in cost
“When the separated arms fly through the air, the color of the fresh blood is changed to a darker color, but it’s not a scene to watch with your family at 5 o’clock on a Sunday.”

Showing the view that one other committee
“This series had a rather heartwarming development, but the sudden cruel scene came out, so I think the viewers were surprised.”


“Small children may be frightened. However, the depiction is done with a certain degree of consideration, such as not depicting the crushed human being itself, but using a dark color for the splattering blood.”

An opinion was additionally given.

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*Scene in query

Witch of Mercury

It grows grass when BPO says it

Clearly the Witch of Mercury and wow… wow…

This collection was a quite heartwarming improvement, however wwww

It is ineffective to say that in fashionable occasions

Even Tomino was cautious round right here.

Unexpectedly, bald folks do not do a number of grotesque manufacturing.
I’ll do as a lot as I can think about
Especially simple to know round Ideon Zambot Dunbine V the place there are lots of useless folks
I’m making the scene very rigorously

Nowadays, I do not assume it is a good suggestion to broadcast a night anime that is as grotesque as V Gundam.

Even if it is late at evening, it isn’t one thing you do when your baby is watching.

Because there was a shallow goal to make it gossip
Not the Hathaway who grew to become a meme

The story up to now has no context and it is rapidly, so I’m certain this surprising remaining episode will go viral once more.

Was it simply that you just have been sad?
Stop utilizing your children simply to do away with issues you do not like

Even although it was Attack on Titan or NHK, the severed head was blown off, nevertheless it was advantageous.

Demon Slayer, who was very talked-about with kids, had his head flying round

Because the precedent of demon slayer has been set
If it is a masterpiece, cruelty is forgiven

Come to consider it, Witch of Mercury was broadcast at 5:00 within the night.
I’m certain it is slightly tight for young children, however…
Gundam Witch of Mercury Cruel depiction BPO Complaint-related image-03

I really feel like I am unable to assist however complain about this
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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