[Sad news]In FF14, a Vtuber party bullied Nora and caught fire, and there was a former Famitsu writer among them, and it was important to make a statement to KADOKAWA…

In FF14, VTuber’s party is a nuisance such as MPK. By the time Famitsu issued a statement regarding a writer who was at the party – Kultur

FF14 Vtuber Bullying Image related to Famitsu-02

The beginning of the matterWhen a VTuber called Nora was streaming in “Final Fantasy XIV”, a stray player joined a party of seven members of his family through matching, and the player was inconvenienced by violating the rules of FF14. The act was done by a party member

In particular,MPK a single stray player, tell the healer not to heal, vote to banish without good reasonsomething to do

It was discovered that Kain Murasaki, a writer who had written articles for Famitsu, attended the party.

KADOKAWA issues a statement

In a statement, Famitsu denied that Cain Murasaki was a freelance writer and had not asked for work for seven years. Says

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Vtuber who was in bullying PT is here

Famitsu can also choose the person to request from now on. I believe you.

People who carry the brand on their backs must be careful with their words and actions (´・ω・`)
Even more so, especially if you are still appealing that you were involved in the past.

Was the Famitsu writer himself an outsider of Famitsu?
Before I knew it, I erased the title of Famitsu, and it’s kind of embarrassing

Are you saying you’re doing this job even though you haven’t come to work for 7 years?

No way Kadokawa recognized you as an outsider

Being bullied on a net game is pretty emotional.
Seriously stop it!
yaruo serious earnest

As expected, people who have been 2nd in Monster Hunter and have been incited by elementary school students to the extent of shit say something different
Shiver 2
I couldn’t sleep that night, seriously

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