[Sad news]Harry Potter’s epic action RPG “Hogwarts Legacy” postponed again to February 1, 2023 Switch version to announce release date at a later date

Harry Potter’s open world action RPG “Hogwarts Legacy” will be released on February 1, 2023. Release scheduled for 2022 has been postponed.

The Nintendo Switch version will be announced at a later date.

I knew

I’m getting suspicious

Seriously, the harvest was too good this year, so it would be helpful if you postponed it.

Postpone too much to forget it exists

I’m going to school next year! ! ! ! !

Switch.. can it really be released?

If you wait and the quality goes up, I’ll wait at all.let me wait

oh i want it to be okay

I bought a PS5 for this, but it’s postponed again orz

Somehow I thought

Hogwarts Legacy was originally released in 2021, but will it end up in 2023?
I wonder if it can’t be helped because it’s super big
Yaruo laughing crying sorry

The Switch version seems to be struggling even more…
Or is this really possible with a switch?
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