[Sad news]Google’s cloud game service “Stadia” will end on January 18, 2023!Full refund for users

Google is shutting down Stadia

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According to the article

Google shuts down cloud gaming service Stadia

Service will end on January 18, 2023

Google plans to refund all Stadia hardware purchased through the Google Store, as well as all games and add-on content purchased from the Stadia store

・Phil Harrison, vice president and GM of Stadia, said in the official blog“Stadia’s approach to consumer game streaming was built on a strong technical foundation, but it wasn’t as well received by our users as we had hoped, so we made the difficult decision to begin shutting down Stadia’s streaming service. did”revealed

Harrison said Google sees opportunities to apply Stadia’s technology to other parts of Google, such as YouTube, Google Play and its efforts in augmented reality.

The company also writes, “We also plan to offer it to our industry partners, which is consistent with the direction we think the future of gaming is headed.”

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